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A Nearly New Ford Fiesta for £299 a month…

(Tax, maintenance, servicing, MOT & insurance included)

We deliver a nearly new Ford Fiesta to your door in 24hrs. Hassle free. Give it back when you like with no charge (we collect it for free....)

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Beyond leasing

We deliver a nearly new Ford Fiesta to your door. 9,000 miles a year are included. There is a £299 setup fee which includes delivery anywhere in the UK. Everything is included in the monthly fee including insurance. Give it back when you like. No charge. A 10 minute signup process.

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How It Works

We are like the Netflix of cars. A simple, easy way to drive with none of the hassle of ownership. If the car goes wrong or you don't want it anymore. Simply call us and we'll pick it up for free. The whole service is setup to work around you. Anything you want to know need to know - email or call us.

the car

The car

A nearly new Ford Fiesta



All included (including parts)

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Tax & MOT



Included (if over 25)

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No minimum contract lengths. If life changes give it back. No hassle. No collection fee.

About Us

We're on a mission to make car ownership simple.

The FiestaSubClub is part of an alliance of major players in the car industry – of car dealers, research groups, manufacturers and rental companies.

We know leasing a car is still a hassle. It takes too long. You’re committed for years. You have to take days off to collect and return it. Our aim is to make driving a car as easy as signing up to Spotify (and as easy to cancel if you don’t want it anymore).

So no dealers, no upselling, no dodgy old skool car industry practices. Just the convienience of a car on subscription at a price which is (kind of) a no-brainer.

What our users say

“This is how everyone will own a car in the future"

James, London

“No dealers. No paperwork. It was amazing."

Elise, Brighton

“So nice not to have the responsibility of a car. I may never have to take a car for a service again. "

Wayne, Manchester

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