Unlock your home equity

A next generation home equity platform

Home equity platform

UK’s first flexible home debt and equity release platform.

Most equity release solutions today are slow, expensive and only
available to those over 55 years old.

We are on a mission to make equity release a simple, cost-
effective, and flexible solution for everyone. Trade your home
equity anytime, anywhere.


How it works

Sigining up to our platform is a simple and straightforward process. Once approved, you determine
how much equity you want to release from your home and make instant withdrawals.


Total control

You remain in control of
your home

No minimum age

Available to everyone,
not just those over 55


Flexible redemption

Interest can be rolled into home
equity, redeemable anytime.
No early repayment penalties.


Flexible release schedule

£5k or £100k? You decide
how much and how often
to release from your home


Low fees

One time fee-
1.99% of release value,
(no minimum)

You remain in total control of your home at all time.

No negative equity guarantee

About Us

We’re on a mission is to bring financial security and control back into the hands of the people, not the banks
or mortgage brokers.

We are frustrated that the housing market is set up to benefit bankers and the mortgage brokers. The process of owning a house is slow, and ridden with expensive fees to the middlemen. Once you bought a house your cash investment is locked up for life (or until you sell), and equity release providers are charging people a fortune to access these locked up cash.

We want to change all that. That is why we are creating a new platform to streamline this process and make home equity tradable and accesible, whether for first time buyers or pensioners looking to release some home equity.

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