Fill in your mortgage form in five seconds

Wouldn’t it be great if a supremely intelligent robot could fill out your mortgage form so that you had none of the hassle but could borrow exactly the right amount? And even better still, Freddie can advise you how to get exactly the right loan.

How it works

Filling out mortgage forms is painful for us humans!

Freddie the Form Filler is your robotic friend who pulls all the relevant data out of your bank account, HMRC records and credit cards statements. If you’re a small business owner, he will also get information from your accounting system.

Freddie helps you optimise your application

As well as taking the hard work out of form filling, Freddie looks at your spending patterns and advises your where some small changes could have a big impact on the mortgage you can afford.


The Benefits of Freddie


Afford the house you want

Intelligent algorithm advises you how to change spending to get the right loan amount


Save hours!

Mortgage forms are not fun! Freddie will save you hours while making sure your information is accurate


Better decisions

Having all the right information in front of you instantly helps you make more informed decisions

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