Donate your health records to fight cancer

Let’s use our collective power to help cancer researchers beat cancer sooner.

How we do it

Patient data are extremely valuable for biomedical research.

By analysing large amounts of health data, researchers can gain insights to finally find a cure to this deadly disease. Improve the lifestyle and survival of cancer patients.


Smooth your income and get paid a regular amount, even during holidays.


No more rasty surprises from unexpected tax bits or large maintenance expenses


We request copies of your healthcare records on your behalf (this is your legal right).

All copies received will be anonymised and stored securely.

We make the data available for approved scientists so they can find a cure for cancer faster.

We take data safeguarding seriously



Remove your data whenever you want



Control which organisations can access your data



Stay up to date with the latest breakthroughs achieved

We owe it to the patients who contribute their data to get this right - and if we do, the data will keep on giving back
— Mark Lawler, Chair in Translational Cancer Genomics to Cancer Research UK

Donate your data

Please register your interest with us and one of our research assistants will get in touch with you. We will not be collecting any of your data until you provide explicit consent.

Do you have a relative diagnosed with cancer?