Smooth your income - Pay yourself weekly, even when you are not working

Financial certainty for the self-employed

We help you budget automatically

One of the biggest challenges of being self employed is managing cashflows throughout the year.

It can be hard to understand whether you can afford to take days off or if you should set some money aside for rainy days.

This is how we can help.


Smooth your income and get paid a regular amount, even during holidays.


No more nasty surprises from unexpected tax bills or large maintenance expenses


No more boring budgeting, we do it all for you.

No more nasty surprises from unexpected tax bills or large maintenance expenses

Automatically put money aside for holidays, a new car or for retirement

How It works

ManukaMoney works by intelligently analysing your spending needs and converting this into a simple recurring income to you. You maintain total control - if at any point in time you need more money, just withdraw from your Manuka Money account as your would with a normal bank account.


Regular income

Adjustable weekly/ monthly income


Automatic budgeting

Our algorithm does that for you automatically


Holiday planning

Plan for holidays without having to worry about loss income


Peace of mind

We take care of your rent
and bills so you don’t have to
think about it


Automatic savings

Whether it is for a new car or
for holidays, you are sorted

Manuka Money works with all Major UK Banks


Ready to go?